• It's the Spring Equinox!

    Today is the Spring Equinox (aka the “Vernal Equinox”), which occurs when the Sun crosses the equator line, heading north. This event marks the s...
  • National Potato Chip Day 2022

    It's here again, that special day we all mark on our calendars every year:  National Potato Chip Day!   We know it hasn't been made into a nationa...
  • National Women's Day: Women of Wine Chips 2022

    Women make Wine Chips go, from family who’ve rolled up their sleeves in our kitchen, to executive team members to our board of Master Sommeliers to many thousands of our wonderful customers.  Women have played a key role in every aspect of developing, supporting, and nurturing Wine Chips.  

    So in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we wanted to talk today about two of Wine Chips Master Sommeliers, Emily Wines & Jill Zimorski!

  • Black History Month 2022

    Wine Chips is pleased to celebrate the inventors of the Potato Chip: George Crumb and Aunt Katie Wicks a brother and sister of African American descent from Saratoga Springs, NY in the 1850s. 

    The origin of the potato chip is a humble, yet unlikely and inspiring story.